Advanced, three-bidirectional port interface

This device complements your computer ZX Spectrum of three parallel, bidirectional, 8-bit ports through which you can connect to your computer a vast number of other devices. These include a printer, plotter, light pen, measuring instruments, toys, robots, motors, electric models, programmers, lighting effects, LEDs, etc.

Together with this interface, the joystick controller in the most common Kempston interface can be connected.


• 3x 8bit, bidirectional, parallel port
• based on chip Intel 8255A or analog
• for all ZX Spectrum and compatible computers

• 1x Kempston joystick port (switchable) D-SUB 9M
• 1x printer port according to standard Special Didaktik-B D-SUB 25F
• 1x socket bar 2x20pin. for signals of port A, B, C, 4x additional inverter, +5V a GND
• switchable port addresses
• switchable level for printer input /SELECT (log. 0 or log. 1)
• The full-through bus to the connector identical with the ZX Spectrum main bus connector

Advanced parallel interface
Advanced parallel interface
Advanced parallel interface
     Advanced parallel interface ADPI8255A: