Standard Kempston joystick interface for all player

It's a simple, high-quality and reliable interface for connecting a Kempston joystick to your ZX Spectrum, Didaktik, or other compatible computer. The interface allows connection of a classic joystick with 5 microswitches (4x direction + 1x fire), which switch to ground (GND). The joystick can be equipped with the autofire function, the + 5V supply voltage is also connected to the connector. The joystick cable must be terminated with a connector D-SUB 9pos. female socket.


• Small sizes, compact design to directly fit into the ZX Spectrum edge connector
• Full detection (8bit) of Kempston joystick port address 31d/1Fh (without collision with another HW)
• Stable data bits D5-D7 on port 31d/1Fh (defined as logical 0)

• Joystick connector sideways (do not break the cable)
• Quickshot joystick compatible (up, down, right, left, fire)
• The full-through bus to the connector identical with the ZX Spectrum main bus connector
• Simple wiring schematics without guiles, only one GAL chip
• Support with a large number of software

Kempston joystick interface
Kempston joystick interface
Kempston joystick interface
     Kempston joystick interface: