The Multiface was a hardware peripheral released by Romantic Robot for several 1980s home computers. The primary function of the device was to dump the computer's memory to external storage. Pressing a red button on the Multiface activated it. As most games of the era did not have a save game feature, the Multiface allowed players to save their position by saving a loadable snapshot of the game.


This version fixes several bugs contained in the original version, and in version from GOTDJ (Non-AVR Projects). It is a four errors:

• Invalid detection of port 32765d for Spectrum 128!
• Invalid NMI output (collision with another NMI)
• ROMCS output overload
• Nonsense with two 74LS00 chips - just one piece

+ Extra bonus:

• ROM 16KB, switch selectable two versions of system
• Switch selectable I/O port addressing (old 31d + 159d or new 63d + 191d)
• Two status LEDs
• Solid, compact design

The device works with ports 31d and 159d (software version 87.12) or 63d and 191d (software version 87.2).

Multiface 128C DEBUGGED ver. 2.5 FRONT
Multiface 128C DEBUGGED ver. 2.5 FRONT
Multiface 128C DEBUGGED ver. 2.5 BACK
     Multiface 128C DEBUGGED ver. 2.5: