Interface for two players with two joystick

The board contains two identical devices: Joystick interface, emulating four standards of joystick connection modes!


• Small sizes, compact design to directly fit into the ZX Spectrum edge connector
• Emulation of four joystick connection modes
• The full-through bus to the connector is identical to the ZX Spectrum edge connector
• Two D-SUB 9M connectors for Quickshot compatible joystick
• RESET button on board

Joystick interface:

Allows to connect a Quickshot-compliant joystick (4x direct + 1x fire) through the 9-pin D-SUB connector. The 5V supply voltage for the autofire function is also available on the connector. The joystick switches must be connected to the ground (active log. levels 0), pull-up resistors are not necessary in the joystick, they are connected to the board.

The device emulates the joystick connection to your computer in four standard modes:

• Interface 1 (Sinclair 1 LEFT) - keystroke emulation 1 to 5
• Interface 2 (Sinclair 2 RIGHT) - keystroke emulation 6 to 0
• Cursor (Protek) - keystroke emulation 5,6,7,8,0
• QAOPM - keystroke emulation QAOPM

All of these methods are common in games or other programs. The interface can be used together with the keyboard.

Multishots joystick interface
Multishots joystick interface
Multishots joystick interface
     Multishots joystick interface: